No Shake and Bake. || CrissColfer

Chris had to admit that mostly boredom had inspired him to actually get up and do something to kill time now that he had a day off and his boyfriend had gone to work early already. The younger man hated that he had to leave without him and left the other side of their bed cold and only the hardly there scent of Darren’s scent lingered there to remind him that this was still very real.

After they’d moved together it was hard for Chris to be alone. Normally he enjoyed the silence and the peace but he missed Darren’s low voice, his laugh and the strumming on his guitar which was ridiculous now that he thought about it. Chris had always thought that he needed no one but yet he really did need Darren.

What had been an action out of boredom quickly became more of a surprise he wanted to make for Darren. Chris wasn’t much of a cook but he knew how to bake and he decided to use it for good. He’d made his tooth killing double stuffed Oreo cookies and had made sure he got cold milk to go with it. The living room hadn’t been done completely so he’d unpacked the last few boxes and set up some more things from his own place. He turned on the TV to let something play in the background. They’d still had some episodes of Downton Abbey left and seriously, for Chris there was nothing more relaxing than cuddling with his boyfriend and watching that series. He quickly put some of the cookies on a plate and hid them away from Brian so he wouldn’t try to eat them and went to take a shower. After all he didn’t want to be all gross when Darren came back from work. Once he was done, he dressed into some sweats and his Superman shirt, laid some comfortable clothes on the bed for Darren to put on later so they could spend the day being completely lazy.